Wednesday Morning Men’s Bible Study:   6:30 am 

Men gather at 6:30 am for coffee fellowship and study.  All men are invited to attend.


Wednesday Evening Bible Study and Responsive Prayer:      7:00 - 8:15 pm

Join us for a book study on The Unholy Trinity by Michael A. Lockwood.

We are all too familiar with the same old human pitfall: we rush after the desires of our hearts and worship ourselves instead of Jesus Christ.  And yet, the dangers of inward idolatry are a neglected topic in Western theology.  Without God’s First-Commandment-focused Law, we would never truly know the depth of our spiritual disease.  Anything we fear, love, or trust more than the true God is, plain and simple, our god. Drawing upon Martin Luther’s key insights on the theology of idolatry, The Unholy Trinity  unmasks contemporary idol worship and its futility.  Luther’s unparalleled ability to get to the heart of human sin helps us see through the lie of self-sufficiency.  Only when walls of man-made security are broken down can we hear the Gospel as good news—by grace, God gives us every good thing we vainly try to provide for ourselves. 

Please sign up for a copy of the book in the information center.


Friday Morning Ladies Bible Study:   9:30 am

All ladies are welcome to join us for fellowship and Bible study beginning at 9:30 am. Our current study is part of the LifeLight Bible study series of in-depth studies of Bible books.  The goal of LifeLight is that through a regular program of in-depth personal and group study of Scripture, more and more Christian adults may grow in their personal faith in Jesus Christ


Sunday Morning Adult Bible Class:    10:45 am  

We will study the topic of forgiveness at out Sunday morning Bible Study.  Forgiveness is at the heart and core of the Gospel. This four-part Bible study looks at forgiveness. It considers how our sin required God’s pardon in order to re-establish the broken God-man relationship caused by our original rebellion. Along the way, it looks at the necessity of forgiveness, the conditions of forgiveness, the possibilities of forgiveness, and the challenges of seeking forgiveness.