What to Expect

In an age and culture when many church services seem to lose their focus on Jesus Christ, we are grateful for the opportunity to gather each week and receive the gifts our Lord has for us all in His Word and Sacraments.  At Mount Olive, we are proud of our heritage and unashamed of our confession, and so we make use of a historical form of worship that invites meaningful participation from the congregation and unites Christians of all generations and cultures.  Most importantly, the service focuses all that we do and say on Jesus Christ and Him crucified for our sins.

At Mount Olive, it is our desire to bring the Gospel and Sacraments of Jesus Christ to all believers.  Through the powerful Word and other means the Lord has chosen, He delivers the forgiveness, eternal life, and salvation won by Christ on the Cross to us today.  We pray that your faith would be strengthened and your spirit fed by your visit to our church.