Wednesday Morning Men’s Bible Study:   6:30 am 

Men gather at 6:30 am for coffee fellowship and study.  All men are invited to attend.


Wednesday Evening Bible Study and Responsive Prayer:      7:00 - 8:15 pm

God’s Word is filled with paradoxes.  It’s tempting to see these paradoxes as either-or statements—one must be true and the other must be false. End of story. Case closed.

But the paradoxes in the Word of God are different. They are both-and statements, at once seeming contradictory but both being wholly and completely true. As Christians, we live in this tension, embracing that two sides of the same coin can be true at the same time.

We live in what is visible and invisible. We have the old man and the new man. We speak to those offered both an inclusive and an exclusive Gospel. We are citizens of both church and state. We live in the now and the not yet. We speak a Word that is both Law and Gospel.

"Faith That Sees through the Culture" provides lenses to evaluate and bring clarity to these paradoxes. These lenses, when focused, aligned, and coordinated, open whole new vistas for faith to see more clearly and be lived out more effectively in our culture.


Friday Morning Ladies Bible Study:   9:30 am

All ladies are welcome to join us for fellowship and Bible study beginning at 9:30 am. Our current study is part of the LifeLight Bible study series of in-depth studies of Bible books.  The goal of LifeLight is that through a regular program of in-depth personal and group study of Scripture, more and more Christian adults may grow in their personal faith in Jesus Christ


Sunday Morning Adult Bible Class:    10:45 am  

One Christ - Many Creeds

A Study of Denominations from a Lutheran Perspective

What are the differences between our confession as Lutherans, and the teachings of other denominations?  Do those differences matter?  No one who is seriously Lutheran would ever maintain that only Lutherans are going to heaven, or that there are no Christians in other church bodies.  However, no one who is seriously Lutheran would say that the differences between various church bodies are unimportant or superficial. There are important reasons – biblical reasons – why Lutherans are Lutherans and not Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Methodist, and so on.  Join us as we examine the teaching of other denominations, so that we may gain a deeper and clearer understanding of our own confession of faith which is rooted in God’s Word.