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Mount Olive Lutheran Church  


3411 South Taft Ave 

 Loveland, CO 80537  


Rev. Mark Nierman

970- 980-5584

Please call or email Pastor to schedule an appointment or to give him your prayer requests.

New Divine Service Schedule and Procedures

Starting May 31

For the past few weeks we have been holding worship services at Mount Olive with a limited number of members at each service.  It has been wonderful to return to worship.  As restrictions for public gatherings are being loosened, we are adjusting our worship schedule and allowing an increase of attendance while still practicing social distancing.

Starting May 31, the new worship times will be:

Sunday at 8:30am  and  Sunday at 10:15am

We do not currently have a Wednesday time established.  If a Wednesday service is still desired, please contact Pastor Nierman and let him know. We would be happy to continue a service if there is a desire and need.

It will be necessary to register each week for the service. Click the link to the left to sign up for a service time. 

When you arrive at church you will be provided with hand-sanitizer.  Please maintain a proper distance from other individuals at all times, and limit your contact with surfaces as much as possible.  We will sanitize surfaces between services.

To maintain proper distance we will have people seated ever third row.  We are asking you to bring your own hymnal with you to church to use in the service.  If you do not have a hymnal, or need an extra one for your family, we can loan you a hymnal for the coming months.  By doing this we can eliminate the ability for the COVID19 virus to be transmitted through contact with a hymnal.  A limited number of large print bulletins will be printed for those who need one.

Holy Communion will be offered.  There is no compulsion to come to the Lord’s Supper if you feel uneasy.  Distribution will take place in a manner that maintains social distancing.  Both individual and common cup will be offered.  Individual cups will be spaced apart on the tray so that cups may be grasped without contacting other cups.  The common cup will we wiped down with a purificator soaked in Everclear to kill any germs that may be on the cup.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Pastor or one of the elders.  We appreciate your patience as we seek decisions that enable us to continue to gather in worship, and still honor the social distancing practices requested at this time.





Mount Olive is a confessional Lutheran congregation of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.  We are not ashamed of our Lutheran faith, which centers all that we believe and do squarely on Christ and Him crucified for us.  Because the LORD is present for us in Word and Sacrament, we conduct worship reverently, using the best liturgical traditions of the historic Christian Church which boldly proclaim this Gospel faith.  Our congregation regularly uses services, rites and hymns from the Lutheran Service Book.  At Mount Olive, we preach Law and Gospel, we teach the Bible, and we serve our neighbor locally, regionally, and around the world.